IPTPA is the leading teaching organization in the sport of pickleball. We created our Junior Development Program this year to introduce a million children to the sport of pickleball. A comprehensive curriculum was developed by a committee of IPTPA elementary school teachers who also happen to be past USAPA National Champions. An important part of our strategy is providing opportunities for children and college students to compete in a more social setting and at an affordable price point. Thus, we created a strategic partnership with the Amateur Pickleball Association and their series of tournaments at college campuses across the country. IPTPA will be offering “free clinics” or “funathons” to all children along with paid clinics for adults. The best players and coaches in the world are members of IPTPA. Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up by clicking on one of the links below.

Pictured in front are IPTPA instructors Seymour Rifkind, President of IPTPA and former #1 players in the world Kyle Yates and Simone Jardim.

Click here to register for the Junior Fun-a-thon

Click here to register for the IPTPA/APA Clinic


Date/Time Location Spots Available (Fun-a-thon/Clinic)
March 5 Los Angeles, CA
SoCal Amateur Open @USC
April 9, 8-10am Fairfax, VA
Northern Virginia Amateur Open at George Mason University
April 16, 8-10am Madison, WI
Wisconsin Amateur Open at University of Wisconsin-Madison