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Teach the Teacher Workshop Schedule

February 10,11 Phoenix, Arizona SOLD OUT
February 24,25 North Kansas City, Missouri SOLD OUT
March 3,4 Hopewell Junction, New York SOLD OUT
March 10,11 Rocky Hill, Connecticut SOLD OUT
March 16,17 Dartmouth, Massachusetts SOLD OUT
March 29,30 Nashville, Tennessee SOLD OUT
April 2,3 Canton, Georgia SOLD OUT
April 5,6 Memphis, Tennessee SOLD OUT
April 19,20 Estero, Florida SOLD OUT
May 5,6 Surrey, UK SOLD OUT
May 8,9 Alberta, Canada SOLD OUT
May 10,11 Tokyo, Japan SOLD OUT
May 12, 13 Canton, Georgia SOLD OUT
May 19,20 Taiwan
May 23,24 Guangzhou, China SOLD OUT
May 26,27 Shenzhen, China SOLD OUT
May 29 Regina, Saskatchewan
June 9,10 Brisbane, Australia  SOLD OUT
July 14, 15 Yucaipa, California
July 17, 18 Arlington Heights, Illinois
July 19,20 Chicago, Illinois
July 23 Vancouver, BC
July 28,29 Horseshoe Bay, Texas SOLD OUT
August 3,4 Dartmouth, MA
August 11,12 Leland, North Carolina
August 12 Vernon BC  SOLD OUT
August 15,16 Beech Mountain, North Carolina SOLD OUT
August 18,19 Canton, Georgia  SOLD OUT
August 18,19 Howard County, Maryland  SOLD OUT
August 19 Ottawa, Canada
August 21,22 Bowie, Maryland  SOLD OUT
August 24, 25 Harwich, Massachusetts
August 24, 25 Redmond, Oregon
August 24, 25 Flower Mound, Texas
September 8, 9 Fort Myers, Florida  SOLD OUT
October 6, 7 West Des Moines, Iowa
October 12, 13 Taiwan
October 27 Estero, Florida (Tennis Pro’s only)
October 27, 28 Circleville, New York
November 1,2 Palm Desert, California
December 1,2 Tucson, Arizona  SOLD OUT
December 8,9 Hot Springs, Arkansas
December 22, 23 Hong Kong























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Who are we?

We are comprised of the top players and coaches in the world, committed to certifying and raising the teaching standards of the pickleball teaching professional.


Why join?

As an IPTPA certified professional you gain access to liability insurance, and promotional opportunities. You’ve increased your value as an instructor by meeting IPTPA teaching standards and becoming certified.


Why hire an IPTPA instructor?

As a player seeking instruction, an IPTPA certified instructor has passed a rigorous 3-part testing program while continuing to improve their teaching skills through yearly training requirements. A certified IPTPA instructor, is your guarantee that your instructor knows the specific strokes, strategies and shot selections specific to pickleball.