1) Go to members.iptpa.com

2) Create a profile:

  • Click Need an Account
  • Fill in your name and email address
  • Create a password
  • Click Register

3) Fill out an IPTPA Player Rating Application

4) Pay the appropriate individual membership fee ($15 or $25 based on whether the player belongs to a club that is an IPTPA Member Club)

5) Player/CRS receives confirmation when BOTH application and payment received by IPTPA

6) Players/CRS is authorized to schedule a rating session when the CRS determines the required number of players they wish to have for a rating session. A rating session may consist of 1, 2, or three players plus an IPTPA or USAPA rated player at the skill level the players wish to be rated at. The confirmed volunteer rated player serves as the control.

7) CRS and players determine a convenient time/place for all concerned.

8) Fee to be paid to the CRS on the day of the rating session. $33 for two or three players being tested at once, $45 for one person wishing to test at a rating sessions.

9) CRS will inform all players at the conclusion of the rating session if they were successful in moving up to the next rating skill level

10) CRS will provide each player that participated in the rating session their individual score sheets within 48 hours. (either thru email or hard copies that are distributed)

11) CRS will inform IPTPA of those candidates that were successful in moving up by email within 48 hours. CRS will provide each players name, date of the session and new rating.

12) IPTPA will post players ratings on our website and send out IPTPA Rating Cards to each player that was successful. (The first rating card is included in the player’s individual membership fee subsequent rating cards will be emailed after the player pays administrative fee)