IPTPA Educator

This is a new program that IPTPA has developed that targets school physical education teacher, park district, YMCA and JCC employee. The intent is to provide those instructors who are already employed and have insurance with the basic fundamentals of how to introduce and teach pickleball. This is a two-hour program. The first hour is in a classroom setting, reviewing the most important elements of the IPTPA teaching methodology. An IPTPA Educator Handbook along with the WPF Rulebook will be supplied. Hour two takes place on the court (could be a multi-purpose gym, tennis or badminton court). Participants will practice the methodologies taught in the classroom. This will lead to a number of age appropriate drills and match play. The basic rules are much easier to follow and understand when playing a full game. Those that complete the two- hour course will receive an IPTPA certificate of completion, and posted on our website with the title IPTPA Educator