Why did IPTPA develop a program specifically for juniors?
To date, there is no structured/organized platform in place for juniors, to provide on and off court mental, physical, and nutritional guidance, specifically designed as a  pathway to joining and competing on a National Team. The IPTPA Junior Development Program was created to provide this type of support for its juniors.

It Brings youth together
It’s rare to find a sport where a 10 year old can compete recreationally, and competitively with other juniors five or six years older. In doubles pickleball, it is probable and possible, as IPTPA’s skills based programs foster this type of on court partnership.

Offers positive activities for youth
IPTPA Junior instructional clinics, junior’s tournaments, leagues, and after school recreational inter school challenges are all programs being developed within the IPTPA Junior Development Program.

Historically, there are always juniors who do not have the opportunity to participate in activities because of limited resources, or inability to locate other like aged or skilled players.  These juniors will have access to the IPTPA Junior Registry which will help them locate and participate in pickleball activities where equipment, coaching, and guidance are provided by IPTPA Certified Teaching Professionals.

The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it. Let’s prepare our youth to represent their community, town, city and state on a National Level.

If you would like to join the IPTPA Junior Development Program and be listed on the IPTPA Junior Registry click here.