Qualifying for the IPTPA Level I Certification Program requires the completion of an IPTPA Teach the Teacher Workshop. Each attendee will receive an IPTPA Handbook, which forms the basis of the course content. The IPTPA Handbook identifies the appropriate skills, progressions and strategies for the beginner player. Sample lesson plans were developed based on the latest sports theory. A list of appropriate drills to help reinforce each lesson are recommended as homework following each lesson.

Workshops are led by a Master Teaching Professional (MTP). This is an IPTPA Member & Director who has spent years teaching either in a formal educational school setting or as a teaching professional in another recognized industry. The 8-hour workshop is divided into classroom and on-court activities. The first 4 hours of the workshop are spent understanding the latest concepts of teaching pickleball. Identifying the basic fundamentals of the game, the strokes, strategies and shot selections which form the foundation of pickleball. Attendee’s will learn how to construct a lesson plan, the IPTPA methodology and a thorough understanding of the how’s and why’s of the IPTPA system.

The next 4 hours are spent on court, with the MTP demonstrating a typical IPTPA lesson plan. This is followed by each attendee teaching the same skill using the IPTPA methodology. Constructive criticism is provided, and direction given so each attendee takes the content learned from the first session and applies it. With 4 hours of on court instruction a significant amount of one on one assistance is provided each attendee.

See the current list of scheduled teach the teacher workshops for a date and place that is convenient for you. A minimum of 10 participants are required to have a teach the teacher workshop. If you don’t see a workshop in your geographic location but feel the demand exists, email rif@iptpa.com to discuss having a workshop in your area.