IPTPA has implemented an internationally recognized “on court” education/rating system for use by certified IPTPA Rating Specialists (CRS). By obtaining a certified rating through this program, players will achieve an internationally recognized rating for competitive skill level play at clubs and tournament play worldwide. IPTPA professionals teach & evaluate on a daily basis. No other institution is in a better position to develop the criteria necessary to evaluate and rate individual performance based on the IPTPA Rating Descriptions.  Furthermore, this initiative is meant to clearly define and emphasize the fundamentals of pickleball and the requirements necessary at each skill level as outlined and taught by IPTPA teaching professionals. Players that have gone through an IPTPA rating session have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses while having a better understanding of the path needed for individual improvement.

CRS Curriculum

The Certified Rating Specialist (CRS) Certification curriculum will consist of a two-hour training workshop followed by a 3 step testing process which will lead to certification when the candidate passes all 3 steps. There are two categories of certified rating specialists, CRS-4, and CRS-5. The prerequisite of the CRS-4 designation is a minimum skill level of 3.5 (IPTPA, or USAPA rating).  The CRS-4 will have the authority to rate players through the 3.5 skill level. The CRS-5 designation is a candidate with a minimum skill level of 4.5, (IPTPA or USAPA rating). The CRS-5 will have the authority to rate players through the 4.5 skill level.

  1. The workshop portion of the CRS curriculum will be held in an on-line setting.  The facilitator will review the IPTPA Rating Descriptions, the scoring sheet, ghost doubles, administering the test and proper use of the IPTPA Rating Calculator. This training is meant to assist each candidate in following the exact directions and protocol of the rating session to insure consistency of the test world wide. Responsibilities of the CRS extend beyond the on court test as each CRS is responsible for delivering each players score sheet either in person or through email within 48 hours of the completion of the player’s test. Each candidate will be informed if they were successful in passing the rating session at the conclusion of the testing session and after their scores have been input into the IPTPA Rating Calculator. Additionally, each CRS is responsible for sending the results of each rating session to IPTPA within 48 hours.
  2. On court skills test- The skills test for the CRS-4 & CRS-5, will be a ball feeding test. Each candidate will display 80% accuracy in ball feeding requirements for the various skill levels as determined by the CRS Director. CRS-4 candidates will need to display accuracy while feeding the ball to the precise strike zone for the various shot sequences outlined in the player’s skills test for levels 2.5-3.5. Accuracy of the ball feed is the most important physical skill the CRS needs to demonstrate. The CRS-5 candidate must maintain accuracy while increasing speed & power for certain ball feeds. CRS candidates must demonstrate the ability to add speed, slice and top spin when called upon to challenge players seeking to advance to the 4.0 and 4.5 skill level. The ability to challenge players who are attempting to become advanced players (4.0-4.5 skill levels) is the essential physical skill that differentiates the CRS-4 from the CRS-5.
  3. On court scoring session- CRS candidates will be required to score a rating session as determined by the CRS Director. The Director will be scoring along side all CRS candidates. Each candidates score must be within a defined range of the Directors final score to receive a passing grade.
  4. An on-line written test covering all components of the IPTPA Rating System appropriate to CRS-4 or CRS-5 is the final component of the Certified Rating Specialist Curriculum. Candidates must earn a minimum score of 80% to pass



The IPTPA Rating System is copyrighted and is available to IPTPA Certified Rating Specialists only. The downloading, transmitting, copying or use of any component: 1) IPTPA Skills Assessments 2.0-4.5, 2) IPTPA Skill Test/Scoring Sheets 2.5-4.5, and 3) IPTPA Scoring Calculator 2.5-4.5 is strictly prohibited.