IPTPA has implemented an internationally recognized “on court” rating system for use by certified IPTPA Rating Specialists (CRS). By obtaining a certified rating through this program, players will achieve a nationally recognized rating for competitive skill level play at club league play and non-sanctioned tournaments.


The current USAPA rating system and the proposed one is directed toward the sanctioned tournament player. This serves under 20,000 competitors. With over 2.5 million players, it is our contention that a significant number of club players would benefit from and want to have a rating. What is needed is a universally accepted protocol that is recognized and consistent in it’s execution. IPTPA professionals teach & evaluate on a daily basis. No other institution is in a better position to develop the criteria necessary to evaluate and rate individual performance based on the new IPTPA Rating Descriptions.

The USAPA current self rating system is inadequate and creates more problems than solutions. Feedback we’ve received from our certified instructors across the country is players over rate themselves. IPTPA endorsed clinics require like skilled players in all classes to promote quality and value of instruction. The current rating system inhibits this requirement.

IPTPA, as the leading teaching organization in the world is in the best position to evaluate and determine a players’ skill and current rating. This is not meant to replace the current USAPA rating program. It is targeted to the millions of players that do not compete in sanctioned tournaments yet wish to have a recognized rating. Furthermore, this initiative is meant to clearly define and emphasize the fundamentals of pickleball and the requirements necessary at each skill level as outlined and taught by IPTPA teaching professionals.

Certified Ratings System- Procedure for Level Testing

Step 1: Player visits IPTPA website and reviews skill assessment details for appropriate skill level to be tested
Step 2: Player fills out the on-line rating application for the specific skill level they wish to be tested at
Step 3: Player pays applicable fee.
Step 4. IPTPA notifies CRS that the player is eligible for scheduling. (4 of like skill players required for a rating session_
Step 5: CRS schedules rating session and reviews testing procedures with players
Step 6: CRS performs 3-part testing protocol and records scores.
Step 7: CRS inputs scores into IPTPA Calculator for final results
Step 8: CRS reviews results with each candidate
Step 9: CRS emails IPTPA results of each candidate
Step 10: IPTPA records players rating into a national database on our website
Step 11: IPTPA sends a Rating Card to players receiving a new IPTPA Rating


The IPTPA Rating System is copyrighted and is available to IPTPA Certified Rating Specialists only. The downloading, transmitting, copying or use of any component: 1) IPTPA Skills Assessments 2.0-4.5, 2) IPTPA Skill Test/Scoring Sheets 2.5-4.5, and 3) IPTPA Scoring Calculator 2.5-4.5 is strictly prohibited.