1. Club Membership

IPTPA Pickleball Club Membership is good for a 3-year term and provides a reduced individual IPTPA membership fee for each of their individual club members. All players who are members of an IPTPA Club membership will have a reduced IPTPA individual player annual membership fee of $15. This is a benefit each IPTPA Club Member can advertise to their membership.

IPTPA Club Membership Fee- up to 50 members-$50 for a 3-year term.
IPTPA Club Membership Fee- 50 to 500 members-$100 for a 3-year term
IPTPA Club Membership Fee 500 member and over-$150 for a 3-year term

Each IPTPA Club Member will be listed on the IPTPA website with their contact information, days of play, and costs associated with membership/ play.