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Once your fee’s have been paid and your application has been reviewed and accepted you will be sent a link and code to take the written exam. The exam comprises 50 questions and you must get 80% of the answers correct in order to achieve a passing grade. The exam is taken on-line and you have a time limit of 20 minutes to complete the exam. Upon completion you will immediately receive notification of your score and if you passed the exam. Please familiarize yourself with all the rules of pickleball as outlined in the Official Tournament Rulebook, produced by the International Federation of Pickleball  Pickleball Rules | How to Play Pickleball | USA Pickleball . In addition, it is your responsibility to review the IPTPA website, and in particular the section on training to develop a thorough understanding of the strategies, shot selections and strokes which have been accepted by the IPTPA. The questions on training specifically apply to the beginner through 3.5 (intermediate) player. If there is any doubt of a question on the exam remember to answer it as if it pertained to the beginner thru intermediate player not the advanced player where additional strategies, strokes and shot selections may be available.

Do not begin taking the exam or try to review the exam prior to you studying and being prepared. If by chance you do not pass the exam you can retake the exam but will have to wait one week. This is our attempt to emphasize the need for you to do further study in your preparation prior to attempting to retake the test. Furthermore, you will need to pay an additional fee of approximately 50% of the original cost, to retake the exam to cover process and handling as well as an incentive to the applicant to study and be prepared the first time you take the test.

You will be sent a new code to access the exam. Please note we have several versions of the written exam and in all likelihood you will be taking a different exam where up to 50% of the questions could be different. Be prepared!

Finally, there is no limit to the number of times you can take the written exam. Our association is here to assist you in your quest to become a certified instructor, but you must do the study required. If however, you are not successful you will need to follow the same procedure outlined above regarding payment and code access each time you elect to retake the exam.

After receipt of the exam fee and approval of your application, you will be emailed a link to the exam and a password. Do not sign into the exam until you are ready to complete it. The system allows only one sign in for the written exam.

Good luck.