Background – The ideal candidate should have prior teaching or coaching experience working with children. A minimum requirement would be an IPTPA Level I certification & willingness to get the IPTPA Junior Specialty certification.

Knowledge – The applicant should be able to intelligently discuss the current landscape of pickleball to include current rules, tournament organization, and recreational practices. The applicant should be familiar with their state and region as it relates to current places to play and facilities that may be interested in becoming a Junior Development Center. Knowledge of how the IPTPA is organized and functions is also a critical component. Especially as it relates to all the components of the Junior Development Program. Additional knowledge would include a basic understanding of the USA Pickleball Association, professional organizations, competitors to IPTPA and how pickleball is organized and played within the United States. Finally, an effective knowledge and use of social media is a must.

Skills – Good verbal communication and writing skills, application and use of computer software, good listening skills, prior coaching or leadership skills working with youth/parents/school administrators/parks and recreation or similar fields, time management, responsibility, responsiveness to inquiries.

Abilities – work with little direction or supervision, manage time, respond promptly to member inquiries, coordinate or manage new initiatives, stay current and organized, answer questions and work with other IPTPA instructors.

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