Having an IPTPA Junior Development Training Center in your community provides many opportunities including:

Development of top junior players that train at your facility, something the entire community can be proud of. Fostering community pride as your city or town helps sponsor a talented junior player that can practice and train at your facility and possibly qualify for a spot on the National Team.

The Juniors in your community that become top level players help promote and bring attention to wherever they play. All it takes is one, to become an inspiration for other juniors in your city, town, or state. All of our juniors are invited to become certified instructors who can help attract other juniors and their families to play pickleball at your facility. As you can see, The Pickleball Tide Can Lift All Ships. Community pride and community revenue always help each other. Your facility, top teaching pros, junior players and your community all benefit from having an IPTPA Junior Development Training Center in your town, city or state.

Remember pickleball is a three generational sport. So many things are contributing to the growth of the sport. At the moment, the Senior community is driving the sport and enjoys hearing that it is the fastest growing sport in America. Imagine what it can and will do for your facility as juniors, their parents, and grandparents all play recreationally and competitively at your club while saying they have one of the top players in the state or country training at your facility. They also will give back, as these juniors host clinics and exhibitions at your club.  As they play they will attract other junior friends to play in their fundraising tournaments and leagues.  These juniors, if they like pickleball, will want to join a club designated as an IPTPA Junior Development Training Center. You can’t get better publicity for a facility than that. There is no downside to having an IPTPA Junior Development Center at your club or facility.

To apply to become a Junior Development Training Center click here.