Guidelines for the International Pickleball Hall of Fame

A. Location

Pickleball Central- Kent, Washington.

B. Purpose

To recognize the achievement of competitors and others who have contributed to the growth and promotion of pickleball

C. Categories

Competitors, Contributors, Coaches

D. Criteria

1-Any person can submit an application form nominating an individual from the above 3 categories (it’s possible that a candidate crosses over multiple categories) The person nominating a candidate will be responsible for submitting the appropriate application form properly filled out by the October 1 deadline to the chair of the nominating committee.

2- The nominating committee will be comprised of 7 individuals who will review all application forms submitted.  A chair person will be selected by the nominating committee by majority vote.

3- All nominees in the competitor, contributor, or coach category must have a minimum of five     year’s active participation in the sport of pickleball.

4- The nominating committee will screen the application forms and by majority vote select a maximum of 10 individuals to be considered for induction and presented to the selection committee. Nominating committee members will serve a 3-year term.  The chair person will keep the applications of all candidates recommended to the selection committee in a permanent file.

5- The selection committee will be comprised of 5 members who will review the candidates recommended and by majority vote select no more than 3 individuals in any year for induction into the IPHOF.

6- The inaugural year of the International Pickleball Hall of Fame (IPHOF) a maximum of 6 individuals from any of the above 3 categories will be inducted.

7- Announcements of the IPHOF inductee’s will be made at the US Open Pickleball Championship Finals.

8- Plaques & sport coats will be presented to each inductee at the Finals and a photo/plaque will be on permanent display at the home of the IPHOF at Pickleball Central in Kent Washington.

Application Form IPHOF Contributor

Application Form IPHOF Competitor

Application Form IPHOF Coach