This Application is no longer in use.  In order to fill out an IPTPA  Application please go to  Contact with questions.

Please provide 3 references and their contact information
Passing the written exam & paying the annual dues will fulfill the requirement for IPTPA Level I Certification.

The Association expects its members to be of good character, and to treat the public honestly, fairly and with the utmost of integrity. Likewise, we expect you to treat your fellow members with the same level of professionalism with which you would like to be treated. You are not only representing yourself, your family, the IPTPA but the entire pickleball community. Please act like a professional, negative or defamatory comments directed at another IPTPA member or the association itself will not be tolerated.

Any complaint against a member of dishonest or unfair dealing, either to the public or a fellow member, shall be referred to the ethics committee that will be appointed by the President/CEO. The ethics committee will act on the complaint, including an attempt to resolve the matter between the parties. If it is determined any laws have been broken the committee will report said violations to the appropriate legal authorities and abide by the decisions of the court.

If the ethics committee considers the charge to be sufficiently serious, it may refer the matter to the Board of Directors, which, after due consideration, will have the power to expel the member or to determine another punishment.

Any member who is convicted of a serious crime, as determined by the Board of Directors, will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Association and surrender all money and privileges that may be due them.

I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the IPTPA and do all in my power to preserve and enhance the image of the pickleball-teaching profession. I certify that all information that I have supplied on this application is true and accurate. I understand that any wrong or incomplete information on this application can lead to me not being admitted as a member or, if I am admitted as a member, to the termination of my membership in the IPTPA.

Furthermore, I authorize the references listed above to provide the IPTPA any and all information concerning my previous employment and any pertinent information they may have, and release all parties from liability for any damage that may result from furnishing same to the IPTPA. In addition, I authorize the IPTPA to conduct any and all background checks in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

NOTE: After submitting your application, please pay the workshop fee of $200 (IPTPA Dues and Fees page).