The following is the list of the Directors and Co-Directors of the regional Training/Testing Centers in the United States & around the world. We´ve tried to cover the main states that have the largest populations of pickleball players to start. Additionally, we anticipate offering testing at some of the larger tournaments throughout the year for those applicants that do not have a testing center in close proximity to their residence and may be attending one of these tournaments. Please check back to this page frequently as we confirm not only the tournaments we´ll be testing at but adding additional regional training/testing centers on an on-going basis.

Each regional training/testing center will run independently but follow the guidelines of the IPTPA. The Directors of the center will be responsible for scheduling test dates with the coaching candidates and reporting the results to the applicants as well as the IPTPA. Each training/testing center will have the authority to run clinics to serve their local pickleball community under the full support of the IPTPA. Announcements should be made well in advance of the clinic date and reported to the IPTPA so that we can list the dates and information on our website.

Regional Training/Testing Centers Listing

Scott Tingley 941-468-7867,
Kyle Yates 239-989-4672
Simone Jardim, 517-331-4760
Phil Metz, 239-287-1108 Riccardo Deller, 941-623-6632 Southern Florida


Stephane Jolicoeur, 404-236-9966 Southeast Florida

Gigi LeMaster, 623-824-9469
Mark Friedenberg,
Byron Freso 678-592-6444
David Smith, 303-882-8123  Arizona

Dee Davison, 785-798-7563 Arizona

Joe Farias, 361-774-3318, Tucson, Arizona

Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner,

Lon Krantz 970-646-0390, Phil Dunmeyer 949-322-1125 Southern California

Roberto Donati, 310-801-6311, Los Angeles, California

Morgan Evans 760-346-6123,
Maksym Bartiuk 631-219-9682

Ralph Rabago 909-241-2611
Denise Boutin 352-530-3045 Southern California Riverside/San Bernardino County.

Gregg Whittfield, 805-235-7412, Cambria, California

Abbas Ghasemi Hesar, 949-228-1680, Newport Beach, California

Tony Tollenaar, 503-887-0528,
Steve Paranto sparanto@comcast.net503-310-0650
Pickleball Zone Bend, 541 323 0100
Kevin Beeson, 541-400-0567

Jim Hackenberg,
Yvonne Hackenberg,  Michigan

Desmond Hilton, 314-406-3511 Missouri

Reid Arthur,  509-868-8615 Idaho

Seymour Rifkind, 847-757-5379
Chuck Feinstein, 847-877-7770  Illinois

Tom Earley, 770-401-7355
Byron Freso, 678-592-6444 Georgia

Stephanie Lane 615-573-573 Tennessee

Andy Gensch, 913-219-4000   Kansas

Ford Roberson, 325-280-0044
Matt Lazarine,  832-499-9925  Texas

MaryHelen Atkins 704-519-6211
Corrine Carr, 910-639-0658 North Carolina

Jennifer Butler, 704-258-4080  North Carolina

Rodney Grubbs  513-703-6338,
Josh Grubbs  513-477-6924,
Zachary Grubbs 513-477-6928  Indiana

Hong Yuan, 518-209-1500
Rob Cassidy, 585-301-7952
Zorano Tubo , 607-760-1813 New York

Tim Kuss, 303-815-8405 ,
Joe Frasca, 719-238-1879
Scott Fliegelman, 303-907-2422 Colorado

Chris Riportella, 717-475-0978 Pennsylvania

Robert Davidson, 971-304-8020
Kathy Pederson 702-596-8665 Utah

Tom Grubb, 206-734-6660 Washington
Mark Livingston, The Birch Bay Activity Center,, 252-451-0367 Washington

Desmond Hilton, 314-406-3511 Missouri


Mike Newell  61 402 549 403


Kitchener Coach, 519-954-7244,
Matthew Kawamoto, 905-966-3694 Ontario

Brooke Siver, 250-319-1840, British Columbia

Mona Burnett,  403-852-5664, Alberta

Mike Cooper, 780-994-7251, Alberta

Jacquelin Labrecque, 418-409-7007, Quebec

Ernesto Fajardo, 514-294-6074, Montreal

Chinese Taipei

Eddie Shen,  937-785-840
Hong Yuan,   518-209-1500


Hong Yuan,  518-299-1500
Mu “Michael” Haibin,  Chen
“Dennison” Yichong,
Yan “Derek” Cheung


China- Hong Kong

Hon Ching Lung 852 9620 8832


Cyril Dirand  33 6 66 84 7297


Kevin Duff 52 315 113 9484
Matt Panegasser 561 906 7988

United Kingdom

Sam Basford  +44 7912 866932