Aging and Pickleball

By Alan Bragman D.C. The average age of people playing pickleball is 60 years, therefore issues dealing with the aging process and how to cope with them are especially relevant to this sport What are the changes that occur in our bodies as we age? The average body is at its peak in the late 20s when we are at a phase known as homeostasis, [...]


Hamstring Injuries with Pickleball

Recently while playing, I ran up to hit a short ball and had tremendous sharp burning pain in my right hamstring that caused my leg to give out. After a few minutes the pain subsided and I was able to walk to the pool where I did some stretching and then applied ice. Hamstring strains and soft tissue injuries in general are difficult; frustrating injuries [...]


Don’t Do Pickleball Drills

Posted by Jennifer Lucore Don´t do pickleball drills. What does that mean? Everywhere you look new pickleball video drills and instructions are coming up across the web and to your neighborhood. This is good that more are talking about drills because let´s face it, there is a big demand from pickleball players on how to get to the next level and better their skill set [...]


The Volley

Posted by Robert Elloitt Volleying correctly is a very important facet of the game. Most people add too much movement to their ´volley´. Remember, ´less is more´. The simpler you keep it, the stronger and better your volleys will be. Body Stance (the ´ready position´) Similar to most sports, you want to have your ´center of gravity´ on the balls of your feet. Bend your [...]


Pickleball Doubles Strategy

Posted by Jennifer Lucore Doubles- arguably the most popular category to play in the pickleball world. Four players battling away... now that is some fun stuff! Here are three strategies in playing pickleball doubles that I know can help a team. My doubles partnership with Alex Hamner has been a wonderful ride of friendship and victory. We have lots of strategies we use and the [...]


Pickleball Basics — Stop, Hit and Move

Posted by Jennifer Lucore Pickleball 101—do not rush and run through your shot to get to the kitchen (non-volley) line, you should Stop, Hit and Move. This is a pickleball basic and one of the first lessons that should be taught in a good pickleball clinic or class. The overall goal when playing is ALWAYS to get yourself to the kitchen line. It may take [...]

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