Posted by Jennifer Lucore

Don´t do pickleball drills. What does that mean? Everywhere you look new pickleball video drills and instructions are coming up across the web and to your neighborhood. This is good that more are talking about drills because let´s face it, there is a big demand from pickleball players on how to get to the next level and better their skill set and game. Players across the world are hungry for resources, teachers, instruction and drills… I love that! Means this sport keeps growing and passionate pickleball players are popping up everywhere.

Don´t do pickleball drills… alone. Yes, I know you need at least two people to drill but when you drill the best thing you can do is have another player, ideally a certified pickleball teaching professional, OBSERVE you in action to make sure you are DOING THE RIGHT THING. Drills are a repetition of practicing and perfecting the same shot—so when it´s game time this shot comes automatically. But if you drill incorrectly, then you are reinforcing the wrong technique—thus your time and effort was just wasted (although you did get exercise, so that is a plus).

So if and when you drill—don´t assume you are doing it right, have a certified pickleball teaching professional by your side and then work smart with your time on the court.

My personal experience on this… Whenever my dad (Bob Youngren) is in town and we are together for pickleball play or tournament, I ask him to watch me. Him observing my shots only really happens 2-3 times a year, but I will take what I can get. I was drilling on backhand dinks with Alex Hamner, and about 10 minutes into it I was feeling great, the dinks rallies lasted 50—60 shots.. Good right? Wrong. Dad says “you are reaching out to get the ball instead of letting the ball come to you” Oh, I am…I had no idea, I was focusing on my footwork and getting it over one more time and not also thinking of paddle placement and contact… So that is an example of why you want someone to observe when you are doing pickleball drills.  Be smart and don´t drill without eyes watching you.